The Centre for Applied Geomatics (CAG), CRDF at CEPT University engages in technology advisory, research, consultancy and capacity building activities. CAG provides thought leadership through developing smart, efficient and sustainable applications of Geomatics to deepen understanding of human habitat. CAG strives to create and project an image of an Indian academic entity that is on the forefront of R&D and capable to deliver quality training, research and advisory.

The Center has highly qualified and experienced professors and research fellows.

CAG has undertaken several research and advisory projects in the areas of urban, environment, infrastructure, natural resources monitoring and management. It also engages in offering regular training programs for capacity building of academia, researchers, professionals, government officers and NGOs in Advanced Geospatial Technology.

Remote Sensing subject had been first introduced in School of Planning at CEPT in 1987, followed by GIS in 1992. A Masters’ level course on Geomatics was started in 2006.

CEPT University is a pioneer in establishing ‘Geomatics’ as a specialized stream in education in the State of Gujarat.




The Center for Applied Geomatics (CAG) is motivated on supporting the development of next-generation geospatial information science and technology. The vision is to realize the potential of Geomatics in habitat and built environment, through research, consultancy, capacity building and outreach activities in the diverse area of Geographic Information Science (GI) and Geomatics; and seeking for the collaboration with germane industries. Further it emphasizes:

    • To promote, facilitate and support the application of geospatial technologies in interdisciplinary research, education, community and professional/industrial services.
    • To conduct quality research to address important issues at all scales from international, national and local level; and enhance innovative research capabilities, undertaking applications research, scientific research and technical research.
    • To advance education and capacity building through short term training programmes, sensitization workshops and redefining the syllabus,
    • To welcome opportunities for collaboration with International and National organisations for advanced research and consultancy.

Area of Expertise, Specialisation and Interest

  1. Geospatial Technology: Applications and Development
  2. Advisory and Advocacy
  3. Advanced Remote Sensing and Digital Image Analysis
  4. Advanced Applications in GIS and Remote Sensing
  5. Geospatially enabled Governance
  6. Enterprise GIS
  7. Data Science
  8. Urban Planning/ Urban Infrastructure/ Environment/ Natural Resources Planning and Management
  9. Smart Cities
  • Activities

Consulting Projects

  • Governament

  • Private

  • NGO

Think Tank and Advisory

  • Documentations on live issues

  • Guidelines/ Policy Documents

New and Emerging Areas

  • AI, ML, 3-D, AR, VR, Bolckchain


  • International & National Agencies


  • Academic Research (Supported by Government or other organisations)

  • Collaborative Research (National/ International)

Courses and Curriculum Development

  • University Level (CEPT and Other)

  • ISPRS/ ACRS (Generic Level)

  • MOOC level Courses

Training Programs

  • Customised & Tailor-made

  • MOOC based Training Programmes

Awarness Activities

  • Workshops/ Seminars/ Conferences (Theme-based)

  • Collaborative Workshops (Industry/ Government)