CEPT University

CEPT University focuses on understanding, designing, planning, constructing and managing human habitats. Its teaching programs build thoughtful professionals and its research programs deepen understanding of human settlements.  CEPT University also undertakes advisory projects to further the goal of making habitats more livable.

The University comprises of five faculties; Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Planning, Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Design, Faculty of Habitat Management.


Dr. Anjana Vyas

Executive Director,

Center for Applied Geomatics,

CRDF, CEPT University,

Ahmedabad – 380009, India

Ms. Darshana Rawal

Center for Applied Geomatics

CEPT University, Navrangpura

Ahmedabad – 380009, India

Tel.: +91 79 26302470

E-mail: isprs2019@cept.ac