CEPT Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) has been established by the University to better manage the consulting, contract research & capacity building activities. CRDF is organized under thematic groups and verticals. Each thematic group is focused on a specific area of study and research. Each group has a full time coordinator who manages the various research and consulting projects to be undertaken by the group. Various faculty members and students benefit by participating in these research and consulting projects. All activities undertaken by CRDF are compliant with the CEPT Consulting and Contract Research Policy (2013) and the CEPT Staff Policy. CRDF is led by an independent board and managed by its Director.

Center for Applied Geomatics is one of the verticals of CRDF.


Dr. Anjana Vyas

Executive Director,

Center for Applied Geomatics,

CRDF, CEPT University,

Ahmedabad – 380009, India

Ms. Darshana Rawal

Center for Applied Geomatics

CEPT University, Navrangpura

Ahmedabad – 380009, India

Tel.: +91 79 26302470

E-mail: isprs2019@cept.ac